I can't do this... I can't believe I agreed to meet up with him... I'm a nervous wreck.. Please Someone?

Im not sure if this is considered a date, it's more like a hangout/ get to know each other over coffee. We go to the same college. I'm so nervous.. My tongue itches, my stomach is in knots... I can't apply my makeup or do my hair. Why did I agree to meet him?

He he asked me over for coffee, super friendly and such a calm cool dude. I was the one who introduced myself to HIM because I'm so attracted to his aura and self... I just want to know more about him and see if it could be something.. I know there is physical chemistry... But now, I am practically meeting a stranger.. It could end up being amazing or terrible. I'm so nervous. About 2 weeks ago I ended a 4 month relationship, my first ever relationship. It was cruel; he was mean.. He left me feeling inadequate with emotional or verbal negativity.. And I lost myself.

Anyways... Now I don't know what I'm doing getting into another. I mean, it may not lead to anything... But I've never felt such a strong attraction to anyone as I have before. When we first passed each other, our eyes just locked and everything was perfect. And now I'm actually going to be with him one-on-one and I'm so nervous.


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  • Let yourself off the hook, you are going for a cup of coffee not getting married.
    Your last relationship has nothing to do with this.

    You had the guts to put yourself out there, you have what you need to sit down drink coffee and have a conversation. Take a step back and find the person that introduced herself and just go have a simple conversation over coffee. You can allow yourself to worry about getting married tomorrow haha.

    • Haha:p if it goes well. I'm scared he's going to cancel.

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    • That's my take on it too. However, last minute he said he was super busy and asked if we could do it later tonight. I feel let down and I am skeptical that it'll even happen.

    • If he drops out, all it means is he's disorganized and not the guy for you. No big deal, you can move on to your next fiance, haha. But if he didn't wanna go with ya, he'd have just said so instead of opting for a later meet.

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  • You are terrified because you think your past will repeat itself.
    Take a pause and think carefully: Not all men are like your ex. Human-beings differ from one another.
    Just because a shitty guy came along in your path, it doesn't mean that all of them are like that.
    So please, try to relax more. Give the poor guy a chance. He may surprise you positively in the end.
    Good luck.

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