I really want to like this girl?

Just got out of a relationship with someone and started dating someone new. she's my second real girlfriend. My first girlfriend, i loved to death. But she cheated on me, constantly. Now im with this new girl, and i dont know, its very different. she's everything i ever wanted in a girl. But she's not my ex. I have to admit, i compare her at times. I dont have that "feeling" i had with my ex with her. But my new girlfriend actually gives a shit about me. She wonders about me, she brags about me on her social media, and im just not used to that. I dont want to leave her, because i really want to like her, but its just not the same. What do i do?


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  • If you aren't attracted to her and want to like her but dont, then she isn't for you. You can't just make yourself like someone, even if they are good for you.

    You say you recently got out of a relationship with someone you really liked. Honestly, you may just need time. If you were with her for a longer period, it will be harder to start dating again right away. You can tell your new girlfriend this, that you need time to yourself. She will either be okay with it or she won't. Maybe down the road, you'll be able to like her easier, or maybe not. If you're always comparing her with your ex... then you haven't moved on enough. When you meet the right person, you'll never feel the need to compare them with others.

    • I am attracted to her, its just not the same attraction i had with my ex, whom was my first love. My new girlfriend is already telling me she loves me.

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