Married coworker acts strange?

This is a weird question, I know, but this married woman is frustrating me. I admit that I think she's super hot, and would love to f@#k, but she's married. So we have been assigned to a project together. She will accidentally touch me all the time, but I she's touchy feely I think, I've seen her do this with my buddy right in front of me.

She's very standoffish and tough to deal with. We had to travel together a few weeks ago. It was very up and down with her. I want to be friends but she makes it tough. We'll get close then she disappears on me or makes it hard for me and I don't understand it. When we first started meeting for work she would make me walk back to her desk to find her, I'm like ok? She acted like she didn't want to go on the trip, then matched her itinerary up with mine and she admitted to having fun. She likes to argue or battle with people and we did lots of this. She battled with me for 10 minutes outside of my hotel room the last night we were there. I finally said I have to pee do you want to continue this discussion? and turned to go into my room and she like hesitiated then said talk tomorrow. I would stare at hot girls and she would say "what are you looking at" or "that girl thinks you are checking her out and she's is saying Stop!" Then on our final day I'm driving her and another guy to our drop off points and i drop him off first and she stays in the back seat, and I'm like ummm no you better get your ass up front I ain't a taxi! Or when I threw my gum out the window she goes off on me.

So since we've been back from my trip, it's like hard to get with her for things. I created a meeting just the two of us in a public place and she cancelled and made me turn it into a teleconference (shes in a dif building). We had a meeting two weeks ago with me her and her boss. She stayed afterword to make travel arrangements for our next trip and we laughed an carried on. She'd look around and say "people think we are not working". So then I made a weekly standin meeting so her and I could continue working on this project and she denies it. She also is very up and down about our upcoming travel plans. She should go becuase of the project, but is acting weird about it and prob won't go. I feel like I have to chase her for things.

I really don't get what her deal is? I'm cool with being friends, and I just want to get this project done. What do you think her problem is?

Help me?
Anyone else have a solid take? I will give MHO.


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  • Her problem is that she's difficult. And the reason that's she's difficult is that society tolerates it because she's fu¬Ęk! ng hot. Tell me this: if she was grossly overweight and looked like a troll, with moles on her face that had hair sticking out of them, and had horrible body odor, and no sense of style when it came to clothes, would you still be putting up with her crap? No. You would have told your boss along time ago that you weren't going to tolerate this and he needed to assign you a new partner. Treat her like she is asking to be treated based on her behavior, and she may stop doing it. She's not entitled to act like an a$$ just because she's attractive.

    • So true! What do you mean treat her how she is asking to be treated? Yesterday I got fed up and shot her and snippy not demanding that she respond to my questions because she was slamming with with questions, but not returning mine. I put her in her place and she listened to what I said. Then she hosted a meeting to introduce myself and my role. I made her look bad a few times on the phone. She brought my buddy who works in her department to help her out, which I didn't get. This crap is killing me. It;s making me not like her as a person. Does she think I'm into her or something?

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    • She probably has a little bit of an inflated ego, but deep down she feels insecure. That would explain all the backing off. It's a confidence booster for her when you chase her! So she manipulates the situation so that you will need to in order to communicate. That ensure that her ego will keep getting fed. So unless she is your supervisor and you are required to report to her, stop chasing her. Make her come to you at least 50% of the time. Just treat her like she is either one of the guys, or extremely unattractive, and she will stop playing the stupid games.

    • I think you are totally right. It's annoying the shit out of me and making me not attracted to her. We'd be friends and be cool turning our travel and then it would switch up. We were stranded at an airport and there were lots of hot girls walking around. I was staring at one and she says "that girl thinks you are checking her and and she's saying "Stop!". I was like what? Then on the plane I was staring at another cute girl across the way and she says "what are you looking at?". Then I ask if she thought the stewardess would give me a massage and she says "no, but she probably would" referring to the girl I was staring at earlier. I don't get these games at all Margarita!

  • It sounds like your relationship with her is way too personal for a work relationship. Try ignoring her weird comments and give up and let her have the last word. If she wants to sit in the back, then just let her. Respond "ok" when she makes a strange statement. Don't let her get to you so much and treat your relationship professionally.

    • Thanks, how do you mean too personal?

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    • I don't know maybe I should. I want to be friends with her but I don't get what her problem may be? Why do you think she acts like this?

    • She sounds just weird and pushy to be honest, controlling too. Some people are just that way and like to make others do their bidding and think they are entitled to things. It sounds like you might just want to be friends with her because you think she is hot, maybe think about what other qualities she has in which you should be friends with her for.

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