Are women hypergamous?

Most of the evidence seems to point in this direction, e. g.

Gold digger pranks such as these ones prove that women suddenly become more interested in a man once he has a lamborghini:

Also, videos such as this one explain 'beta male bait and shame tactics' and show how women will suddenly accept much more overtly sexualised behaviour from alpha males - the same behaviour which is automatically rendered 'disrespectful' or 'creepy' if it comes from a beta:

Finally, this mytake proves that 'girls on tinder do smash... a lot'. But it is with a small and selective portion of the male population (out of 600 participants, 300 male, 300 female, only 50 males were successful on Tinder, compared to 240 females):

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  • Doesn't surprise me, girls can get away scott free with a lot of shit

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