Girls, would it be a bad idea to stop by her work to say hi?

Met this girl a little over a week ago, she was definitely into me and she made contact first. We tried figuring out a time to meet up, but she backed out because she got too shy and nervous. She told me she is recently out of a bad relationship and is scared to get into a new one. So we've been texting for several days straight, me just being friendly and usually positive. I usually let her text me first because I don't want to appear needy. She had me come meet her on her lunch break at work a few days ago and things seemed to go really well for what little time we had. As soon as she was off work, back to texting me thanking me for showing up and we went back and forth until bedtime. Next day, nothing at all. I figure she was just busy or maybe just trying to figure out her feelings. Today I've got to go to the mall where she works on something unrelated to her. I'll almost certainly see her there. Do I just ignore her, or flirt a little bit and let her know I was already there for something else?


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  • Be normal. Treat her like you would anyone else