This guy who used to like me is completely ignoring me?

A few weeks ago, this guy really liked me. I went on a date with him and it was fun. Afterwards he wanted to start actually dating but I told him I wasn't ready. He's been actually trying to date me since the summer but I just don't want a boyfriend. However, I really enjoy his company and I value our friendship. But now suddenly he has completely stopped talking to me! Like leaving my texts on read. And to make it even worse, he is constantly texting my best friend and they are becoming close. It's really hurting my feelings that he's flat out ignoring me. Why is he doing this? What should I do? Like I understand you're probably over me but can I at least get a text back? I told my friend to ask why and he says he "doesn't want to talk to me". Wtf


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  • Well , he is trying to avoid the friend zone... you did tell him you dont want relationship.

  • He tried to date you, you friendzoned him, and he decided he didn't want to be friendzoned


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