I'm not sure if he is into me. Please help me?

Hi! So I met this guy on a dating site. I'm 24 and he's 26. He asked for my number and we went out on a date. We went to a bar and we ended up having a blast. We ended up kissing multiple times. He kissed me super intensely. When I got home, he asked me out again to the movies. I ended up seeing him late, so we couldn't get to got the movies so we just stayed over his place. We just ended up cuddling and fooling around but no sex. While we were cuddling he asked when I was available again and I said maybe this Thursday. But all day on Wednesday, he didn't text me at all. I'm feeling a bit insecure thinking that maybe he won't ask me out again. Its been three days now and he hasn't initiated any text. The last text i sent him was about me saying how i went shopping and he replied saying "that's awesome" and that was it. I didn't reply back to it though. I don't like initiating texts b/c I wanted to be sure that he is 100% into me. I already had a bad experience in the past similar to this. What should I do


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  • You'rll never hear from him if you take actually try to make an effort. Are you going to live your life jsut waiting?