Should I text him or just wait to hear from him?

Me and this guy from work have been texting everyday for the past month (he always texted first). The past couple times that we talked, I was the one who initiated the texting, when he usually is the one who does so I thought it was odd. The last time we texted was Thursday night and I texted him and he claimed he texted me that morning (I never got it and that's happened in the past because of my phone) we talked like normal and he was calling me cutie. I didn't hear from him at all yesterday so I'm not sure if he tried texting me and I just didn't get it again, there's been a couple times in the past where he didn't get my texts either. Should I text him later today or should I just wait until I hear from him again? He was on Twitter earlier before he went to work but I haven't heard from him. I was off from work all week but I go back soon and I'll see him again in person. We both have admitted that were attracted to each other and he's even called me cutie and beautiful. I think about him a lot and I'm really starting to like him. I was just wondering if I should text him later today or give him time to text me again? I need advice, Thank You :)

He sent the last text by the way which was late Thursday night
We also hungout once a few weeks ago but haven't been able to yet since because of being busy with college and work


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  • Yeah, sure. Do it. I know how that goes. My last phone did that. I had to warn people in advance about my phone being bipolar.

    • Thanks for your answer :), I really want to lol I'm just nervous to. You probably know the feeling of wanting to text a guy but being afraid that you might be annoying lol it's the worst :P

    • Yes! I hate that feeling. 😣

  • If you want to talk to him just text him, I try to ignore any type of texting rules.

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