Ran into my ex when drunk last night and ended up a big crying mess...😓🍷?

Completely intoxicated... was walking home and I ran into my perfectly sober ex, didn't I.

He hasn't spoken to me in 6 months now, and I thought he'd have moved on completely.

Anyway we got talking and it ended with him offering to walk me home, where we chatted for a whole 3 hours in the rain.

Baring in mind I really was completely drunk. He told me I'd been the girl he wanted to marry and have a family with, also that he's kept our messages and doesn't want to delete them because some of them are nice to look back on. He also told me he hasn't moved on or been with anyone since me.

As I say, I was pretty drunk and I had missed him a lot. I tried to hold back tears, but ended up crying. So he put his arms out to me and gave me a hug while rubbing my back a bit. He said it was a bit awkward for him because when I was crying my chest kept moving up and down against his body with every breath I took.

He seemed really down for the most part, and struggled to make eye contact with me at times. Couldn't quite get a grip on how he feels for me? I was so drunk :(

what do you guys think?

  • He still likes you but he's hurt
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  • He still likes you but feels awkward
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  • He has no feelings left for you
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  • Maybe you should call him

    • I'm scared to I guess. Especially after my crying escapades last night.

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    • You should call him to find out if there is any possible chance of a reconciliation. The sooner you find out the better for you.

    • It would seem not at the minute :/ and I don't know what to do with that yet.

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  • while I was smoking a cigarette in front of the terminal in Honolulu my ex who just broke up with me a week earlier saw me and walked over... we talked for 10 minutes with some awkward silences but mostly a nice cordial chat... 3 days later she blocked me on social media and my phone... we've not talked in 1 month.. She was the one who dumped me.. I still don't get it. It was an amicable breakup.


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