Guy disappeared after great first date...Help?

I met this really attractive guy online, he was flirty and talkative & asked to meet up for a drink. The date went well (or so I thought). He said he really wanted to kiss me, He did and it was great. He invited me back to his, to which I agreed (it was 7pm). he was holding my hand the whole ride there. WE didn't HAVE SEX (I didn't want to) & he never even initiate or come across as if he wanted to which I thought was a good sign. Instead, we talked, laughed. he gave me some comfortable clothes to put on. It was Sunday night, I told him Im setting my alarm incase I fall asleep as I have work in the morning & need to go home first. We fell asleep, it went off & I was about to get up but he pulled me back & cuddled me, he kissed/cuddled & held me all night, even in the morning! When we finally woke up. I said I got to go & he said he's got work too. He offered to drive me to the tube station, which he did. he kissed me goodbye (he initiated this not me) & hugged me.

I hadn't heard from him for a couple of days after but I also didn't have a chance to reach out either because I was super busy with work. Wednesday evening I hit him up on Facebook saying "hey :)" and he ignores me! I thought maybe he's busy. But he is still uploading posts &it shows that's he's read my message & been online many times since then WTF? What happened.. Fair enough if he's just not into me, but I dont get it because it was HIM who initiated all the affection in the first place.
I am truly offended

The weird thing is that he still has me as a friend on Facebook so its really awkward and embarrassing for me. I tend not to get too hung up on dates and i don't mind if it doesn't work out but i HATE the rudeness.. i actually wanted to ask him the name of a song we heard that night... but now I'm just super confused and offended by his rude attitude. should i remove him as a friend?


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  • some people like to play games... or he's upset you didn't sleep with him. Ill tell you this... you went to his place he gives you clothes to put on so they are easy to take off... lol he wanted you to sleep over. yea he didn't pressure you into sex which is good but he would think you;ll sleep with him.

    • its messed up doing the whole cold shoulder thing to you and im sorry thats happening but he's just not interested in you other then sex as of now

    • Guys can be such assholes, lol I guess I just have to move on. It's kinda awkward that we're still friends on Facebook though

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