I don't understand this?

I see girls go out with jerks and assholes. If the guy's white, they're ok. But, if he's Indian/Arab, he is stereotyped and hated.

A white guy that talks shit to his girlfriend = ok, but an Indian guy = disrespectful and hates women in general.

White nerd = ok, indian nerd = ugly as fuck.

Reactions to guys flirting with a girl -

White guy flirting with me - hahaha you're funny!

indian guy flirting with me - OH GOD CALL THE FUCKING POLICE

Creppy white guy - annoying but, it's just you.

Creepy indian guy - You all are ******* PIGS


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  • ''I see girl go out with jerks and assholes'' Means--->'' i see white girls go out with white guys''

    Have you talked to them? Do you know them? Or did you just see those white guys and white girls on the street and just automatically assumed those guys where assholes?

    There is something called preference. I have it. You have it. We all have it.

    Nothing is wrong with prefering your own race. Your own race is often what you are most used to and it feels more '' home'' to you.

    Move on and don't hate people for having actuallly having a preference...


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  • Maybe you are approaching the wrong girls but don't lump all girls together and assume every girl you encounter hates Indian guys.

  • What is there not to understand? Women in your location don't like Indian men. That's not much of a problem, unless you're in India.

    • what do you mean by location? And no, I'm in the Bay Area

    • Somewhere in the US then. Well, sucks to be you, buddy.

  • That is not true. All guys are the same. No one is above the other okay.


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