Is there a difference between asexuals dating and two best friends who are always together?

Anyone else have an opinion for this?
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  • Yeah because asexuals who are dating have a romantic relationship; a relationship between friends is aromantic

    • So they have the candle lit dinners, just without anything after?

    • They might kiss. They might even have sex; not all asexuals are sex-repulsed. Plenty have sex drives but just aren't attracted to anyone - the feeling was described to me as like when you're hungry but you go to the fridge and nothing looks appealing so you just sort of stand there confused and hungry lol

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  • Yes, best friends don't have romantic feelings for each other.

  • Move on. It would better to pull away.

    • My girlfriend is also my best friend, but if we had no sexual intimacy (or desire for it) she would just be my best friend.

    • Then, have the conversation with her and explain everything to her.

    • Neither of us is asexual, we don't have a problem.

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