I'm having a problem with me and my guy best friend:/ what do I do?

I like this guy but he has a girlfriend. I'm not trying anything cause I'm not a whore but all he and his girlfriend do is fight and he's always upset. I hate seeing him hurt. Oh him and his girlfriend are long distance now. What am I suppose to do:/


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  • I had a similar scenario in high school. The best you can do is be there for him and offer him support.

    • Thanks it's a little upsetting when we talk every night and he's crying cause how much he's hurting. I hate seeing him upset. I just want him happy again. I can't exactly say long distance never works and it hurts you even more cause that's just a punch to the face...

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    • I've noticed guys tend to push people close to them away when they're going through a lot of issues, my boyfriend did that to me. You must be helping if he hasn't.

    • He told me that I calm him down or whatever. He doesn't get pissed at me most time even though I bitched him out. We kinda got into an argument because he said I don't understand that I would do the same thing. Like I had a boyfriend of six months. Love him with all my heart. He had to move away. I had break up cause i knew it wouldn't work. So yea I got real pissed.