Guy on Okcupid and I matched but?

We matched and I sent the first message.
He replies by answering my questions but they seem so flat. He answers with haha at the end.
I ask majority of the questions. He asked me one question.
I'm just nervous that he's not interested.
How do I know if he's interested or not?
That way I can just stop making an effort.
He replies pretty fast though.
I just feel like he's being nice though.


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  • It feels like he will put in the least effort possible to get to bang you. Your efforts are wasted in my opinion.


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  • If he's not trying to get to know you, then he probably isn't as interested as you want him to be in you. That's a red flag. A guy who is genuinely interested will ask questions and try to get to know you.

    I have dated many guys who never try to get to know me and I end up being hurt because they don't see me as a permanent fixture in their life. They just see me as temporary.

    in my opinion if a guy really likes you, then he will be asking more. Any guy can respond quickly to a message, it just means he wants to talk to you right now. But if he's actually trying to get to know you, it shows his true interest :)


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  • he doesn't seem that interested in you honestly...

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