Girl texts once a day?

I've been messaging this one girl off tinder and things are moving so slowly since she waits a whole day to respond. we've been messaging for like 3 weeks and I finally asked for her actual number. I'm not placing all my effort on her, but i'm wondering what she's thinking? lol Most girls I can text back and forth 15-20 times a day. Most times it's like 3 times a day though. Does she believe in waiting 24hrs to not appear desperate?


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  • She is not that into you. She doesn't like you. Move on.

    • I don't think that's the case, she's just probably a bird brain. Honestly it's been like three weeks now and I honestly don't really feel like arranging a date now. She went on vacation for like a week and I didn't hear from her and she doesn't really answer any of my getting to know her type questions so yeah. Usually I like to get to know a girl a little so we have something to talk about on a date and at least know a little bit about what her interests are. etc. Oh well.

    • Girls usually answer when they are interested in someone. They don't take 1 or 2 days in order to respond.

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