He recently started sleeping on the couch?

This morning I woke up early and looked over to realize he wasn't laying in the bed, I walked into the living room and he was asleep on the couch, so I tired getting him to come to bed and he just mumbles somthing androlls over. Later the day he told me he just wants more space and me staying with him is stressing him out somehow. (I can't tell because he's usually happy around me) He was in a good mood telling me this, he said he and his ex fought a lot over seeing each other too much. So tonight we were in the living room watching TV and he fell asleep and I left him asleep for awhile and so when I got ready for bed I tired to wake him up and get him to come to bed also and again he just rolled over. So I brought him a blanket.

I've been at his house for a few months and he loves to cuddle and sleep with me and he always tells me that too.. So Am I just overreacting or what?


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  • Yeah, I think he likes his life with you right now and is scared it could be over. Because he thinks that the reason he broke up with his ex was seeing eachother too much, could be the same reason you two would break up. And he obviously dont want this to happen. He is in a defense position right now. Or your bed is REALLY small 😂😂


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  • It's getting serious and real between y'all two and so he dosent wanna loose you. so he's learned from his past mistakes in his past relationship and is not displaying this in y'all relationship cause he dosent want it to end up the same way


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  • He either wants to take it slow with you or he was just too tired to walk to the bed


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