Does he only want sex?

Okay, so I've been texting this guy I met online for the past month. We haven't met yet because we both are very busy and there hasn't been a time that has worked for us. I may meet him tomorrow.

Well, earlier we were texting and he mentioned something about sex, and asked me if I would do that with him. I told him that I don't know him well enough to have sex with him. And he then asked me how long he would have to wait for sex. I was vague and told him that it would be when I'm comfortable enough with him. He said okay.

We text almost everyday, throughout the whole day. Sometimes we text back and forth immediately, and sometimes there are a couple of hours in between texts. He has always been very respectful. He also calls me baby. Not sure if that means anything haha. And he has never said any innuendos or asked for dirty pics or anything.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like he only wants sex?


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  • Well u have to meet him in person and to know more about him.. i dont think he ony want sex otherwise he always talks about sex.. maybe he likes u.. but first meet him.. its important..

    • Thank you for your response! So many men these days only want sex, so it can be very hard to tell.

    • Yeah its true.. thats why meeting him is necessary..

    • Yes, I definitely agree that I need to meet him.

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  • If he was constantly bringing sex into the conversation, odds are he is only interested in the sex part.


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  • No but it was odd bringing up a time frame for when you would have sex when you haven't met yet in person and that could change depending on how you click


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