The girls I like are always taken. What to do?

So yeah, I feel embarrassed to say this. Whenever I develop romantic interest in a girl, and our personalities seem to match as well, I realise that she is either taken, or in interested in someone else. So it turns out that I have no chance with her.

Is it just my misfortune, or are single girls an endangered species? And what can I do in this situation? I'll be 30 in a month, and I feel time is running out for me. School boys are able to find single girls to date, so why not me? 😞
Please don't suggest dating sites. They're useless for all but the most good looking men.

Also, it's not like I am being 'picky', or going for the ultra-gorgeous girls. My 'standards' are pretty much non-existent.


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  • You can't exactly do anything. You can only hope that the next time you fall for a girl, she will be single.

    • Do single girls, who also don't like someone else, even exist? 😞

    • They do. But they are misanthropes like me.
      (I am partially joking)

    • Well... then what exactly are the options left for me, if single girls are usually misanthropic?

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  • First of all, you're almost 30. MANY people don't find their first love until years later. Yes, it is harder to find single girls as you get older but you can find them.

    I think it's just your misfotune. I'm in the same boat where I usually fall for girls who are taken, like someone else, or just not right for me.

    If you're going to one or two places to meet women then it's time to branch out. Go to places where you have a hobby that way you can find someone else who likes it too.

    And for the love of God, protect your heart so that you don't fall for girls too fast. I made this mistake and kept getting disappointed and heartbroken when I find out a girl is taken or into someone else. Before befriending a girl, try to subtly find out if she's dating or into someone that way you can decide whether or not you should continue to stay friends with her or make a move.

    • Thanks for the sensible response. The girls I'm meeting are usually friends of friends, acquaintances and such. I don't specifically have 'places' to meet them. And I'm not into nightclubs and stuff (this is where men seem to have an endless reserve of women to meet).

      It's strange because 'subtle' ways of trying to determine a girl's relationship status has never worked for me. Most of them seem to be so fun, bubbly and outgoing, and don't even mention about their boyfriend until it comes up in some other context. And I'm pretty sure that asking her directly about her relationship status would immediately disqualify me from being eligible to date her.

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  • I had that problem for almost 2 years... I had girls interested in me, that I wasn't interested in, but the ones I liked always had bfs already... the thing was it was so obvious they liked me too, and a few that I asked out (they never said they had a bf) actually said if they weren't dating anyone they would gladly go out with me.

    For the longest time I wasn't even being rejected by women... they were just already taken lol

    I am not very good looking and actually got my first girlfriend to break this pattern off of tinder believe it or not.

  • Stop waiting for a connection, then seeing if they're interested.

    Rather approach women who look okay, and see if they're interested first. If they are, see if a connection develops.