Why does this guy act like a slob around everyone but me?

I've known this guy for years but we have never been really close friends. We went to highschool together, and then I moved away to go to uni and he stayed behind in our old town. For some reason we never fully lost contact, and we always make an effort to see each other when I come back to my home town on holidays (usually only three or four times a year or so)

When I'm around him he always seems like a really lovely guy. He's polite, quiet and very kind. The thing is, whenever I comment to someone about how lovely he is, they reply "Yes he's a nice person, but has a lot of growing up to do". When I ask them what they mean, they tell me he eats like a slob, hides behind bushes then jumps out to scare people, picks his nose and laughs about it etc. I just can't reconcile the sweet, polite and mature guy I thought he was with one who acts in such an immature way. Why would he behave so differently around me?


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  • If he's trying to make a good impression on you, odds are he's attracted to you.

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