Is she playing hard to get?

So, I hooked up with this girl, almost a month ago. And she would say things like "hopefully I'll see you often", "let's go to 'blah blah blah'" but my first week after hooking up with her, I was busy, although I informed her that I'll see her during the weekend. Since that week, everytime when I tell her I'm free, she would say "I'll let you know" even till now. She doesn't ignore me through text/chat. And it is getting frustrating. Tell me, specially girls, what the he'll does she want? And should I just ignore her for a while, for she is very uncertain?

  • Just wait for her, she'll come around.
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  • Ignore her, possibly cut her off.
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  • It was only a hook up. Just chill out.
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  • I think it was just a hook up, so you should treat it as such because she doesn't want anything else from that interaction.

    • Well, I thought it would be only a hook up, but if that's the case, she is misleading me. And it is just not a wise thing to do.

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    • I was hoping to see her during this weekend, or next week days. Cuz, I got plans from next weekend till the following week. And yea, I guess it is better to move on, while I'm busy. The only hard part would be, she is a childhood friend.

    • That can be hard, but if you keep busy, you won't think of it as much. And as least you know you did all you could.

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