Should I tell him or do the slow fade?

I have had a casual (but exclusive) relationship for 6 months. I have developed feelings for the guy who specifically told me in the beginning that he did not want to be in a relationship.
I feel as though we are in a relationship just without the label. We don't act "casual" and we see each other very regularly and do couple type things. I have gotten to know his friends and family over this time as well and that may have added to my attachment.
However I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that he doesn't have the same feelings I do.
I do believe he genuinely cares for me but not enough to commit at a time in his life when he doesn't want to be tied down.
I previously broke things off and he got really angry at first and then begged me to come back. I fell for it but he hasn't committed to me in the way he said he would.
This time I want to know should I bother telling him how I feel because wouldn't he have already committed if he felt the same? or can I get away with just cutting off contact so he doesn't have the chance to manipulate my feelings? (And also so I don't have to deal with the rejection). Is it unfair to ghost him?


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  • He was needy still wanted casual sex because of the single fact that he got angry when you tried to communicate with him that you don't want to continue this kind of relationship. A guy who has his shits together will not bother being rejected for no sex. You should communicate once again with him, and then cut all the contact if you truly feels that your feelings has already got into between two of you


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  • friends with benefits relationships are super tricky. Its all the benefits nad affections, without actually being responsible for someone elses feelings. And thats what we are all afriad of feelings. FEELINGS ruin everything.

    In your case, you need to put your foot down. Either he commits or you bounce thats it. No more excuses, no more making you feel a certain way. Either we are together or we not. And if he immediately can not give you what you want. RUN. do not walk. You deserve better.


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  • It's probably better for a fast, (relatively) clean break. Some people that love and care about each other still aren't meant to be together. Tell him you want a commitment that he can't give you right now, and you think it would be better if you two parted ways. Then after that, stop all communication with him. If you fade out, it will drag the whole thing out longer.