I have a huge crush on a boy from my school, I'm 15 and he's 17. No one finds him attractive but I do. What should I do?

I wish he could see this bc he is a member of GaG
Oh and I'm ugly af


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  • Start talking to him and compliment him here and there. Let him know you're interested

    • Thanks for the advice but I guess he finds me kinda creepy bc I stalk him so badly

    • I wouldn't worry about that. Just talk to him and play nice

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  • What are you waiting for? .. Ask him out.

    • Bu I'm in 9th grade and he is 11th. And I have never taliked before with him :( he doesn't even know me

    • Then it is about time that he does know you exist.. Please just go and talk to him.

      I actually asked my first and only boyfriend (now my husband) out when I was thirteen years old.. He is almost three years older.

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  • Flirt with him a lot. If you feel like he's reciprocating down the line, ask him to chill.

    • I Have never talked before with him, but I follow him everywhere and he knows me I guess

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    • I have never spoken to him before bc I'm ugly he'll not love me

    • Then stick your number in his hand. Put the ball in his court while saving as much face as possible. It'll relay the fact that you like him while forcing him to make a move. . . and you don't have to say a word.

  • Go for it
    It doesn't matter what others think in regards of looks, if you find him attractive, you go to that guy!


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  • If you like him then go for it. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks about him.

    • I really like him but he is 2 years bigger than me :( is that a big problem or?

    • That's not a problem at all.

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