Guys, why do you just stop texting girls back?

I've always wondered why? Why not simply tell the girl whats going on, and communicate that with her, rather than leaving her hanging. Leaving her wondering what she did wrong. What she said. If she was being to pushy. The worse is when you are actually in a relationship with someone and they just disappear. Why do this? WHY!!!


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  • Well, whatever the reason is, i dont blame them cause sometimes us girls do the same thing for several reasons..

    • Then whose to blame if not them? Communication is key in every relationship, and if you can't do that then somethings wrong with you. If you can't say, hey I need a break, then you need to do some soul searching. I have never just stopped texting someone without giving them a valid reason, especially if we are having sex and dating. The least I can do is be a decent human being and not lead them on. Its childish!

    • Ooh, i wasn't talking about relationships. i thought you were referring to a normal convo between to people who know each other from school or sth..

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  • So if communication is the key speak. Why sit in silence. If he was really your man. You have a right to ask.. Him what's up. I personally would have to speak fudge that.

    This is pretty common and the norm today. I have touch much experince with this one. There is no men bold enough to speak their mind. But silence is actually the answer nowadays. Its funny because its on both sides. It kinda like you both know its not gonna work out so you just cut contact with each other. This recently happen to me. This guy left my apt , I gave him a hug. He texted that he made it home safe, I texted good. And that was the last we spoke. I knew when he texted me he got home safe. It was the last time. Id hear from him. I could have texted but itd be a waste of time. Sometimes I do wonder what happened if Im feeling the guy. If he wasn't man enough to speak his mind. I dont need him in my life anyway.

    If a man is interested he texts you and your not always the initiator.
    Back to you. If he is your boyfriend you ned to find out whats up, and have a right to know. If it was just a friends with benefits or somebody you were just talking to.. Move on.. he's not worth your time girl.

    • No where in my question did I say anything about my relationship and current situation, so you're opnion is confusing me. You're assuming a lot. Perhaps we answer the question I asked which is why do guys stop texting with out giving a reason. Thats it. But thanks.

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    • I am in a relationship, but that has nothing to do with my question.

  • I ask myself this question all the time. There's nothing worse though when you're in a relationship and they breakup with you and give you an excuse that's not the real reason why they broke up with you.

    • Its even worse when they don't even break up with you, they just go silent!!! ASSHOLE!

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    • I just think guys or emotionally crippled people.

    • Yep they pretty much are lol