Does it mean anything if he becomes friends with, say 10 other girls after your break up?

Ok, it's not just girls he's became friends with, it's a mix of people. Somebody please tell me I'm being stupid worrying over this?

According to him, he hasn't been with anyone since me and I know there's been opportunities for him to have been with other girls. For some reason he's went against it though.

I know I'm being stupid asking this, but does it mean anything?


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  • Who dumped who? If you dumped him, this is definitely a coping response mechanism.

    • Well, we were having a really bad argument and he told me, if I didn't drop it, we were over. And I kept the argument going, didn't I. So we broke up, just like that. Not as if we had stopped loving each other at the time :/

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    • Here's what you do: Give him a link to this GAG question. In this way, you are apologizing telling him how you feel along with any contrition that you have. Once he reads this, if he is still cold, then maybe there are deeper issues from his perspective or he is a bit immature. In either case, you should move on.

    • Ok, thank you :) in

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  • I wouldn't look into it if I were you. When my ex broke up with me I did this exact same thing until I realised it was making me obsess and just unhappy in general. Try not to read into these things because it will destroy you. Just try to move on.

    • I'm trying :/ it's just hard.

    • I know, I've been there too. But you'll be so much happier in the long term, trust me.

    • Thanks, I hope so.

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  • Well, if you're broken up, then it is no longer your concern.

    • I'm aware of that already? But that wasn't the question I asked.

    • He could be looking for alternatives, people to hook up with or a new relationship. Or maybe he is just making female friends and being social.

    • Well if that's the case, why would he tell me he's had the chance to move on, but hasn't yet? He specifically told me that he's not been with anyone since me.

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  • Why does it matter whobhe is friends with or seeing.. You guys aren't together. Sounds like he has moved on.

    • I know we're not. I just wanted to fix it to be honest.