How do I date without dating sites?

I've been doing online dating for 4 years and now I want to quit it because I've lost hope about finding the right guy that way. The problem is I don't know how to date without dating sites. I'm shy and quiet and I also look a lot younger than my age so I don't meet any new guys irl. I don't really have any friends either so can't meet someone that way. What to do?


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  • Pursue activities that you enjoy, either with friends or through a site like MeetUp if you don't know anyone who likes the same stuff.

    A shy and quiet geek in a room full of other shy and quiet geeks can quickly turn into a lively part, if my experience going to meet-ups for MMOs is anything to go on.


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  • Are you ugly? Are you fat?

    • I'm skinny and average looking.

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    • ffs where do you live?

    • i'm my coutry u can do everything, if you're hot of course - otherwise prepare for consequences lol.

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