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When your ex wants to work things out. I told my ex that I'm moving back home, I'm pregnant with his kid, I have to assume he doesn't want me back so I told him that we need to get together to discuss how much involvement he'll want etc. He seems to be sad about it and told me that it seems like he is not getting a lot of choice in the matter, but literally 2mths ago he was cool with it when we first broke up, what choice does he want


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  • You broke up with him. You have total control and it sounds like you are dictating what is going to happen. Of course he is bummed out. How do you know he was "cool with it" when you broke up. It is possible that he did not have enough time to process what was happening and what it would mean. Have you asked him what HE wants or what he thinks about it? By what you have said, it doesn't seem like it. You may want to consider these things and check in with him. Why not ask him what he would want for the ideal arrangement given this situation? Even if it is not an option for you at least you can move in that direction with an outcome. He may say he wants nothing to do with you or your kid or he may say his ideal arrangement is to get married and live happily ever after. You will not know until you ask him.

    • But I tried to get back with him after 2 weeks after being broke up and he said no

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