Why doesn't he want anything to do with me?

I met this guy online, and we hit it off, he was amazing, and we went on a date and we talked for like 3hours and then we planned our next date for 2 days later and the day before I got badly injured and ended up in hospital, he then messaged me and told me he would wait for me as long as it would take. We messaged everyday and when I finally got better we tried to hang out but he cancelled on me due to work. I think I pushed him away because I got scared of how I was feeling. We hardly talk now and when I told him that I'm sorry for pushing him away he told me he had moved on. I really like him and want to be able to go on another date finally!
What do I do?
And why won't he talk to me?


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  • Nothing you CAN do, he already said he moved on.

    Some people cannot handle illness and injury. This may have been the case here.

  • He's not interested he told you this, and if he willing to give up that fast. After you apologized. He is not worth chasing you tried. you'll meet other men on there.

    • I got injured in jan and he told me he was over me in August...
      Can I get him back? It should I move on

    • Wait.. So you hadn't talked to him in 7 months then you tried to talk back to him. And he said he was over you? Im confused how did you push him away...

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