How can I not feel worthless?

I've never had a girlfriend, hell, it's rare that girls even say they find me attractive. I'm already biologically worthless in that regards. And, seeing all the people that have had girlfriends is already making me hate other males and couples in general, the fact that I'm constantly told that I'm just pure fucking evil for feeling shitty about it started to make me hate women too, and the fact that people in general ignore my fucking existence and seem to do anything to destroy what little happiness I do have made me hate mankind as a whole.

I mean, honestly, women just don't fucking like me, they never fucking liked me. I'd take a knife and slash through my face, but, let's face it, a life time on pain meds isn't really fun anyway. The girl closest to me that isn't related to me rejected me a long time ago, and, while I've accepted that I don't have a chance and never will, the fact that the girl I'm closest to will never love me has started to form cracks in my psyche, I mean, fuck, if those are my fucking odds, that someone I'm actually close to (compared to everyone else) won't love me, then what about the rest of the population. And then I have to love myself, fuck, I HAVE TOO MANY MENTAL ISSUES TO LOVE MYSELF! Everyone always says you have to love yourself, blah blah blah, I mean, jeez, even I know I'm not sane, I mean, fuck, I know I'm emotionally unstable, hell, this rant proves it! I can't love myself and will never be sane, honestly, when I'll always be alone, how can I not feel worthless?


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  • First of all, stop telling yourself you're worthless. It won't help at anything, it will only make you feel bad.

    Second of all, I'm 16 yr and still haven't a true boyfriend. I don't feel worthless because I don't constantly think about it. I believe that if I'll want, I'll have one. I try to be nice and sweet to everyone, just because it feels good to be likable, and I prefer waiting for someone I will truly love to make a move.

    Another thing, last year I liked this guy who didn't look at me the way I was looking at him. It's kind of rejection but I don't feel bad. I know that there are many other people in the world that would look at me in a special way, and it's just not made to be- and I accept it. Because I believe everything happens for a reason, and that's all.

    I'm sure you're a really nice guy, and if girls don't find you attractive it's probably because you don't find yourself attractive, and if it really bothers you, you might want to start working out or something that will make you feel better with yourself.

    If you want any help, you can always send me message, I would be more than happy to help. :)

    • It's different for you, you're actually beautiful, I'm not, I'm ugly, and I can't change that

    • Looks are based on taste.
      One person finds you handsome, the second one finds you ugly.
      What I can tell you, is that if you find yourself handsome (without being cocky) or even just as an average, people WILL find you more attractive than if you find yourself ugly. Confidence is the key.

      If you really feel bad about yourself you can send me a few photos and I can advise you what you can do to make yourself look even better. (hair\clothes\anything else)

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  • Lol, I'm not gonna give you all that disney princess talk bullsh*t like others will 😂 this is reality and reality breaks you.

    If you don't want to feel worthless, at the moment (as a temprory but fast escape) you have to BRING PEOPLE DOWN. I'm not sayin this is right... Judging by your morals and circumstances, you will be reluctant to do so.

    Find out any hidden talents, abilities, work on them. Start getting in the gym and getting huge. Getting jacked gets you respect for days bro, afterwards if you find it necassary, being others down to raise your value.

    You can change your ways and personality afterwards into raising your value by bringing others up. This is the quickest solution, however there's another way out but it's gonna take a lot of effort and time.

    It's the path of love, embracing and joining/bonding with those around you (which I think you'll see as bullcrap) 😂


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  • I never had a boyfriend and I'm 19. I suffer from bipolar disorder and depression but does that mean that I have to hate everyone for it? It's not their fault. I'm more worried about finishing college and getting a job tbh. When the time comes, I will know. You can't force anyone to love you and even though it hurts, that's life. We will have good and bad moments. They will shape us to be stronger. Don't hate women because not a single one seems to care about you. That's because the right one still hasn't appeared.


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  • I would define what worthwhile means to you and work at becoming this person.

  • Get you a hooker man. Might cost some money, but you will enjoy it