I don't know why I can't get over this Woman?

Here's my scenario.

In the past my distant cousin had a friend that's a girl they weren't dating. I later found out she liked him but he never liked her that way back. She lived a few minutes away from me so I remember seeing her with her friends, she's about 4 years older than me. She didn't pay attention to me but I found her hot.

Now, imagine this happens. My sister gets engaged, and my brother in law says he has two sisters who were coming over to meet us. Guess who one was, yup, the girl I found hot many years ago! I couldn't believe it and thought I would pass out it was so overwhelming seeing her. At the time she was dating and I thought I finally can get to know her. Next time I saw her she ended up getting engaged and married a few months later, this was all the same year my sister got engaged.

She is married with kids but I see her a few times a year at parties and I've gotten to know her well which makes it even harder for me. She is flirty with guys except me, but I can't get over her hotness and the crush I had on her for years. Mabye it's because I've never been in a relationship and I'm lonely, or mabye because she is like a real life dream girl I cannot find fault in her looks or how she dresses or even what she does for fun I would of dated her if I had the chance.

but I cannot get over her, seeing her makes it worse but yet it's secretly exciting for me to talk to her and see her and I always will know her the rest of my life.

Any opinions?


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  • I think perhaps you need a girl to get your mind off this girl.

    A lot of times the idea of someone can over excite us when in reality it may never be what you make of it all in your head.

    The longer you pawn over an unavailable girl, the longer it will take you to find and be happy with someone that can actually be yours.

    • I've been trying to get a girl but it hasn't been working out for me. I figured it might be because I'm single and lonely.

    • Try looking for a different type of girl than you usually do? Sometimes the perfect girl for you may not be who you think. If your too caught up on looks, lower your standards a bit. Girls who are pretty instead of hot may have other better qualities.

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