Girls, would you date a guy that didn't have job and didn't plan on getting one, but he still had money?

Say 35k to 40k $ a year.

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Is it the not enough money part or the not a job part? Or both?


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  • Where is this money coming from?

    Smells illegal.

    • Trust fund

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    • I very much doubt it. 35-40k by me will allow you to live in a 1 bedroom apartment and not get to do anything fun.

    • Already have an apartment worth about 150k. No debt.

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  • Money doesn't last forever, so of course i won't date an unsuccessful guy with no future plans

    • This money will last forever.

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    • I don't think you two would make a good match lol. Some guys are great stay at home dads these days. Volunteering is always great too. As long as you weren't staying at home all the time I don't see the problem. But your situation is not going to work for everyone.

    • @Misslirpa Ofc I know that. I'm just asking the question to see what most girls think about it.

  • How can he earn that big money if he does not work?
    Robs banks? Lol

  • Wouldn't matter. It's a decent amount of money to live on where I am from, but would depend if the guy had other ambitions or not. If he was lazy and played video games all day, then no.

    • What if he has ambitions that doesn't involve a job? Like becoming the best at something. Or very good at something.

    • Then I think that would be fine. For me it would just all depend on the guy and if we had a great relationship. I don't blame women for wanting a guy with some money ( as long as they're not gold diggers) but it's not everything.