Girls would you let your boyfriend go to another girls house if she knew this girl for a really long time?

I know this girl for a long time and every Sunday either she or i go over to each others house to watch football. We do this know for 5-6 years. She came over today and then she asked "does your girlfriend know i came over". Then i told her no. Well then she said i could be in trouble lol cause some girls don't like that.

My questions is should i tell my girlfriend and will she be mad?
My question to you girls is would you let your boyfriend do this if he knew the girl for a long time?

Any others on this?


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  • yes, if you're telling me you're not doing anything wrong, but telling after the fact I would be pissed, unless you mentioned it casually, but the thing is she was probable there for a while. I would let my boyfriend do this I would appreciate him just letting me know even if it wasn't a girl his plans for the day, he's his own person he can realistically do whatever he wants but there's certain things that would get on my nerves.

    • i been dating my girlfriend for 2 weeks now and it's my first relationship so i don't want to mess this up. I will tell my girlfriend and hopefully she won't get mad. I been doing this with this girl for 5 or 6 years we're just friends. She stays for 4 hours. You think my girlfriend will be mad? :/

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