How do I get my girlfriend that broke up with me for being too clingy back?

We dated for 8 months and only 2 nights after our 8 monthaversary she broke up with me saying i was too clingy and she lost feelings for me and wishes it could of been different she said she felt that way for a little but didn't want to hurt me so she tried to put me down lightly I don't know what to think cuz we are friends already and we have had one night of hanging out and she slept over and we had sex but I don't know what to think its confusing i want her to notice i dont want to be just friends i want to be her man! I want to make her happy she hasn't seemed the happiest since we broke up but i dont want to come on too strong and make her feel overwhelmed i want a way to lightly tell her i love her and want to give us a second chance? I want to make us work i dont want to be away from her it makes me wonder what she's doing and if she is okay but i dont wanna spam and ask her every 10 mins i just want her to know that ill always love her and never want to lose her completely! What do i do? Help please i really can't lose her she knows me so well and can make me happy very easily i want to be able to realize she wants me back I've been able to make her laugh when we hung out and i really want to get her to have feelings for me and want a second go at it! I miss her!!


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  • My suggestion is that for now you guys keep seeing each other without pressures, because actually being too clingy is a lot of pressure on the other person. So if she sees that you don't force the relationship and that you respect her time and space, then maybe you can start building your relationship again.
    If you think you are too clingy, maybe this is also something you'd like to look into, to see why you acted that way in the relationship?

    • I appreciate the advice thank you and i think you couldnt be more right if i just let her realize how im giving her space and still really happy around her im sure she will understand and notice that she misses me if she does so ill keep making her laugh and she will realize we are really well together :)

    • haha yes, but you'll also have to stick to that attitude throughout the relationship if you resume it. Otherwise you guys will end up breaking up again.

    • Thank you for the advice ill definitely keep going at it she really is worth trying everything

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