First kiss and hug on first date? I'm so shock! Is this normal?

Actually this is the second time we've met each other, we've been in whatsapp just casual friend like then we decided to meet, i don't feel any spark at first we've met it's like been friend date to me. But days pass by I know that his job is too demanding so I dont expect anything to message me or whatever, but I suddenly appreciate him that he keep on touching me by saying he's be gone for 1 week going in this country, when he got there he also message me. Though we have hours or days gap between responses. Until had a chance to meet again. I do admit I missed him for no reason he looks more gorgeous or i don't know. We'ce been in fun and casual convo today. At the end of theday he kissed me smack on the lips and hug. I can't react im too shock 😳 Should I ask him if whats that for? Or he might think that i'm assuming to something?


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  • Kiss him back

    • It's smack kiss. I was so shocked i don't have guts to ask him if what was that for

    • What do you think its for?

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