Girls, How do you subtly let a Random dude know this?

When you meet a Random dude for the first time and feel sexually attracted to him at first glance... How would you let him know that you would be interested to have casual sex with him?


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  • I usually let a guy know I am into him by making eye contact a lot and smiling. Most women want relationships over casual sex. If I wanted just casual sex, I would probably say that I am not looking for anything serious.

    • Thanks :) If you wanted casual sex, would you tell it straight to his face or hint indirectly for the random guy to figure it out?

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    • Yea.. That's really tough. Start by flirting and making sure she's really into you. Then once things progress sexually if they do, then just take a moment and pause and say something like "hey, I just want to be honest and forward with you that I'm not looking for a relationship right now and I don't want to mislead you" and compliment her looks or something :)

    • thanks :) If you wanted casual sex, what is the most likely thing you would say or do to let the random guy know?

  • No, walk away.