Does it sound like this guy likes me?

So I met this guy through a mutual friend months ago. Since then we've seen each other again at other events. But lately, I've noticed that he's been asking personal questions and could be into me (possibly)

1. He asked me what I usually do for New Years since I don't have a boyfriend. I told him that I don't have a boyfriend and he said "Yes, I know". I had never told him before and was surprised that he had snooped around my fb.

2. He asked me when my birthday was out of the blue (it's not on my fb)

3. He gets happy whenever I come to an event.

4. He remembers things about me that I had told him weeks or months before.

5. I asked him if anyone wanted to go on a holiday with me to Spain (just as friends) and he asked me whether it would be awkward if he came with me.

So does it sound like this guy might be into me?

I forgot to add that he always asks me to come to other events with him (e. g. cinema events)
He also showed up at an event that I was going to, unexpected. When I asked his friend about it (who was there too), he said that they saw that I was going too which was why they decided to come.


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  • 1- casual small talk
    2-some interest
    3-some interest
    4-that's normal when people pay attention
    5-he was probably trying to understand the reason that led you to ask him in the first place.

    If he's not into you, at least he cares about you enough to be ineterested in details about you.
    He probably has interest, and is just wondering if you'd be ok with it.


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