Girls, How would you react to this situation?

So you meet a Random guy called Baker and have a conversation with him.
You are sexually attracted to Baker since the first time you saw him.

You are a girl who loves to party and doesn't like to study.

Baker doesn't know that you don't wish to study.

Then Baker comes up with a comment, " I think maybe you should get a degree from college".

When he says that comment, how would your sexual attraction for Baker be?

  • I am still sexually attracted to Baker after he said that comment.
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  • I have completely lost sexual attraction to Baker after he said that comment.
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  • I don't see him in a sexual way anymore because his comment is rude.
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  • He has hurt my feelings that I don't want to even have casual sex with him ever.
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  • Still sexual attracted but I would feel a bit odd

    • Thanks :) Since you might feel a bit odd, would you still want to have casual sex OR only be friends?

    • I would be friends

    • cool.