Girls, Would you date a guy who looks and acts "cute"?

A lot of girls have called me cute, and I am just trying to figure out whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. At first it was just my mom and family members and I brushed it off, but then girls at school started telling me I was really cute (in the way I looked). Now I am in college and girls all say that I have the "cutest personality" which I dont really understand. I feel like it is because I have a pretty innocent view of the world so they think I am cute like a kid (just a theory I dont know if thats true), but I dont know what to think of it. Some girls tell me it is good, but those girls also dont really seem interested in dating me, so I am thinking it isn't as good as they say. Is it a good thing for a guy to look and act "cute" or would you rather have a different type of guy? Is a cute guy better then a really manly tough guy? What do you think of cute guys?

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  • If it were for me, I would definitely date you, boy! I love cute guys with cute personalities. I think they meant to say you're adorable which is a great thing! For me, at least.

    • I have also been called adorable which I thought was the same thing as cute, although I dont really know the difference between all those terms, thanks for your input though!

    • You're welcome.
      Difference is: a "cute guy" is a good-looking guy. There's a diff between 'cute' and 'hot'. Cuties are more approachable tbh, they look good enough and if they have a cute personality as well, then it means they're fun and goofy which is really cute! lol
      being "adorable" is like a puppy. It's like being childish, which is reeeeally attractive, for me! Or it could mean "really really cute".

    • Unfortunately cuteness will disappear when they hit their twenties.

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  • Smart as well and funny☺.

  • cute can mean kind and thoughtful but it could also mean adorable and almost like they are viewing you as younger and sweeter


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