Am I clingy? I feel I am not enough... Do I have the right to feel this way? Or am I just crazy?

I have been dating this girl for 5 months now. I love her so much and she loves me too. We are doing long distance, we see each other every weekend so that's not the problem. But the thing is the longest she has ever been in a relationship is 3 months. And we been together for 5 months. It makes me wonder if she is bored of me. Because she isn't used to spending long time with one person. I plan spending a lot of time with her and if everything goes well then marry her in a about a year or so. That's how much I love her. But she doesn't really post pics of us on her insta. I know it's sounds ridiculous. But her friend been dating this guy for only 3 months and they always posing stuff and changed their profile to them together. I wrote her a letter and it's almost been a month and she has yet to write me back. She says she wrote it but haven't mailed it because she didn't have 9 dollars to buy stamps. Like come on. She said that I was her best friend a month or so ago but I don't feel like that I am. i randomly send her long texts about how I feel about her and not one time I have gotten a text like that from her.(she replies but short) is that weird that I feel like she should do that once in awhile. I always tell her how much I love her and how I feel about her in person but not once she has told me, she replies but she isn't the first one to start telling me about how She feel and it makes me feel like she doesn't love me. Like sometimes she doesn't even reply to "I love you's". like yesterday I said "I can't believe that I love you this much in just 5 months, it really amazes me" and she didn't even reply to that, she just kissed me. Am I crazy to think what I think? I love her. I don't want to break up. Do you think taking a break will help? Or should I talk to her about it. Or wait a month more to see how things go. I just have this feeling that I can't get rid of. Almost a emotional pain because I love her but she may doesn't love me. She says she loves me.


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  • The odd part is... You sound a lot like me and my girlfriend... But in my case you would be the girl and I would be the guy.
    Took me a little bit too start telling my lady that I love her... Sometimes she will send me messages with grandiose statements and declarations of her love for me... And I will just blow her kisses lol.
    The truth is, I love her, and I tell her so... Just not as much as she tells me.
    Like you... We have kind of a long distance relationship but we drive to see each other on our days off... And I know she wants to marry me and have a future with me... And while I don't have an objection the idea, it's just too soon for me to commit to that, I just kind of want to take things slow and let us enjoy each other.
    The reason I am the way I am is because I've had women declare their love to me in the past and then turn around and leave me... Hearing the words not as much to me as the actions that follow.
    I guess my point is that maybe you should just let her take it slow and enjoy the time you spend with each other... Don't rely so much on the words of affirmation, because some people are not free like that... But take the way that she treats you for what it is... If she's good to you and she's nice to you while you both are together, that's what matters.. Just relax and enjoy the ride, don't rush it!

    • Thank you for your opinion man. I really do appreciate it. And maybe you are right about that about my girlfriend. So I'll just ride the ride out and see where we are in a month or so!

    • Yeah man, your welcome... You sound like a really good guy! Just pace your self and enjoy the moments as they come... Try not to overwhelm yourself or her by rushing what overall sounds like a pretty good thing you both have going in the present.
      Best wishes!