Would you like it if your girlfriend brought you gourmet meals in the morning to your work?

Not to sound 1950's but while I know how to cook I haven't cooked on the regular in a while so I make myself noce meals to try out and perfect a couple of weekday nights.

I work or kin the same part of town as my boyfriend so I'm thinking of dropping them by in the mornings because I want him to try them, have too much and who doesn't feel loved having something smell good to hear up in the microwave that their girl made for them?

Would you love this? When I was single I always kind of admired the looks on people's faces as they heated up something yummy their other made for them.


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  • Sure! In fact, cooking and eating with my wife are my favorite recreational activities with her. She cooks me all sorts of wonderful things when I am home.

    • I love cooking for him. It is the only reason I'm trying new recipes and gained 5 pounds. He likes watching me cook and I like watching him eat it. But now I have a surplus of yummy food. I'm making a soup tonight and I usually freeze it but I'd rather him have some.

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  • Hell yes, my guy loves it when I make his packed lunch for him, especially if there is something special in there for him. I also love it when I can take to work some lovely concoction he's made :)

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