Hot girl act weird?

Hot girl I work with and I have been traveling together recently. She is a bit of a bitch sometimes. She can be very standoffish for some reason. She acted like she didn't want to go on the trip at first, when we met at the airport she barely turned around in her seat at the lobby. I sat behind her and turned around a minute later and she was sitting off in a different section. She is a very touchy feely girl, I've seen her do this with my buddy, but she accidentally touches me all the time, or bumps my foot under the table.

So our business trip was interesting. We'd be cool then she would bitch me out and we'd kind of fight or argue about things, like the project we are working on. The final night of our trip we were all at dinner and her and I get into a argumentative discussion, she's sitting across from me. I bump her leg under the table and she pulls back immediately. We take our "discussion" upstairs and we walk to our rooms. I stop at the door of my hotel room and we continue to "discuss" the project for 10 minutes outside my door. I'm finally like "I have to piss pretty bad, do you want to continue this discussion?" and turn to unlock my door. She kind of hesisitates like she wanted to then turns around quickly and says "we can discuss tomorrow". So the next day we are driving to the airport with another collegue. I throw my gum out the window and she starts just going off on me. Then I drop the guy off at his stop and she doesn't get out to sit up front with me she remains in the back seat. So at the airport we hit it off again, she's touching my leg accidentally etc. We get stuck at the airport and hit it off again. She would tell me a lot about herself, ask lots of questions about my life.

There were a bunch of hot girls walking around. I was checking one out in front of her and she says "that girl thinks you are checking her out, and she's like "stop"! Then on the plane another girl is across the way. I stare over at the girl and she says "what are you looking at?" I ask her if she thinks the flight attendand would give me a massage and she says "no, but she probably would" referring to the girl I was staring at earlier.

What is up with this girl? I don't really understand her at all


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  • You're irritating her to death, but she's forced to work with you. She's probably trying to make the best of a bad situation. Stop being so clingy and weird with her too.

    • I think you're way off bro, but thank you

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