Some help please.. are we dating or not?

sooo this guy and I have been dating for 5 weeks. We text everyday and usually meet up twice a week, usually later in the evening but this is because he lives kinda far from me.. still he drives 1,5hour to see me. meaning he needs to wake up at 4.30 since I always ask him to stay over.
On the second date he told me that he didn;t really want a relationship. he just turned 22 and got out of a 4 year long relationship. WHICH SUCKS because I do.

Still we text everyday, yes we hook up to but I'm usally the one starting it! haha! He told me after 2 weeks that he want's us to be complelty exlusive, no dates no kisses no nothing. Now we met up like 7 times and we were talking about how we actually haven't known each other that long, haha he didn;t believe me saying we been dating for 3 months, laying nect to eah other and just cuddling for hours is just so comfortable, how we act and do its like we are in a relationship.. he even told his mom about me. which I find adorable, he asks me if we go somewhere if i want to take my friends along everything just seems right. he talks as if we are gonna stay together for quite some time... because when im beeing impatient about doing something he is saying aaawh we can do that in summer! for me who has never been in a relationship for longer then 6 months thats a big deal! haha

But yeah you get my drift! so I like him.. like a lot alot! but what am I to him? am I a fuck buddy? a friends with benefit? or am i a girlfriend? He is really not romantic though which I do think is a shame.. so im wondering maybe that the thing! please give me some intell! I NEED TO KNOW!! Thank you for answering

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haha im too shy to do this..


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  • Shouldn't you be asking the guy that?


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  • You should talk to him and ask him straight out.


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