Why am I so sad?

I have no ''real'' reason to feel so sad all the time but i do the place i live in makes me feel depressed not because it is depressing but because i used to hang out with my older sister and she was crazy and depressive that she used to say things like ''this place has nothing to offer, the people are this or that'' because of that i hated this place and i have a hard time connecting and making friends here because i feel like that, she was depressed, i became depressed because of her... also in my youth, the time to start building a character and get boyfriends, friends all of that i went through a tough almost sadistic treatment for my back and that went on for 5 years day and night and after that life became gloom to me... thats why i draw and make potrets a lot because thats like my only talent and hope for me to make it in this world. how can i overcome this feeling


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  • You may sincerely be clinically depressed which is a legitimate mental illness that requires treatment. More specifically treatment in the form of therapeutic dialogues, activities, or professional counseling.