I can't stop thinking about him. Why is this happening to me? What is this? has it happen to any of you?

about a year ago i started college, during my first semster i took chemistry and it required a lab so i took it. The lab was taught by a grad student, whom i found interesting and stuff. Well i eded up having a a crush on him, for some time i was sure that he liked me as well because of some things he said and did , but didn't really get anywhere. after my first semester i didn't see him again. but here is the thing i haven't stopped thinking about him! for some time i though i was going to get over this crush i have for him but aprerently i can't. now im on my 3rd smester of college and i can't stop thinking about him! what can i do to stop this? I've tried dating other people but i find myself thinking about him all the time. has this happen to any of you? what did you do about?


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  • you are in love