Guy wants me to come to his city, so we can "explore" for a first date?

We met online and he mentions this in our first few texts. He means the mountains and scenery he has talked about... but red flags went off for the "come to me" so soon.

I'm old fashioned and believe the man should court the woman, or they should meet halfway for a date.

How do I say this without sounding confrontational and demanding?


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  • I'm a believer in listening to your gut instinct... This doesn't mean that these red flags are always correct... But it does mean you should listen to them.
    I've dated women online in the past and the first meeting is always awkward but the number one rule is it should be conducted in a nutral place where both parties can feel relaxed.
    Just let him know and that for a first meet you would like to meet at... and then name where you want to meet and work on an idea of what you want to do whether it be dinner a movie... Whatever. The point is, he should understand that you don't know him from Adam... Anyway, this will give you an opportunity to feel him out and learn more about him face to face.
    First rule of thumb in anything... If it don't feel right, don't do it!


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