We're not official but his parents want to meet my strict parents?

I've been "talking" to this guy for about 2 months now and we're not really official or anything but he said that his mom supposedly knows about us and wants to meet me and my parents. From the sound of it she's not too happy about it. My parents are super strict and I know I won't even get to bring it up without getting in trouble. I like him, but not enough to be possibly grounded/embarrassed by my parents. Should I just cut it off now?


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  • Explain the situation fully to him, first off. He probably would dread that happening as much as you. That said, you should go see his mom. Nothing formal or anything, but she's probably just wondering in the back of her mind if he's picked up a stripper or anything. If she insists on seeing your parents and he can't do anything about it, then drop it.

    Is his mom pretty strict? Because if she is, that could open a whole new can of worms? I'm not advising you to be underhanded or anything, but it might be a good idea to delete some texts ahead of time just in case

    • Hehehe If he had picked up a stripper, he'd be old enough to tell his mother to take a hike.

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    • She can worry all she wants, she is not meeting her parents. What the hell is she gonna do anyway...

    • @JuicyBrain

      A better question than is, why the hell are you commenting?

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  • If you really like him I think you can explain to him that for the time being you prefer not to introduce him, but that it's nothing personal.