Why can smarter people have a hard time dating and finding someone?

It seems like some of the most braindead and impulsive people out there can constantly find dates and girl/guyfriends, but here I am, consider myself maybe a little smarter than the average bear, or at least a bit harder working, and am constantly trying to refine and redefine myself for the better, and I'm halfway to 30 and have never had a single girlfriend or been on a date in my life. Then you have people that do hardly anything in life getting a ton of dates. Some time you see someone and it's like they have somebody new every time you see them. I don't understand it.

Yeah I'm more of a serious guy and all, but man, at least my head is in the right place, on all sides of the equation. I'm not one for wasting my or someone else's time and finding the right person is hard enough as it is, I just hope that when she comes along she's able to see something in me, because few people rarely do. But the average person is somehow able to see that something in just another average someone.

That sounded bad, and I don't mean that to devalue anyone else, but geez, you're dating someone that makes mininum wage and I'm over here trying to do a lot more with myself and am actually well on my way to where I want to be and it's like nobody even cares. It's like these people are fully content with living in their own bubble and don't want to branch out. Here I am and it's like I want to see the world and go whereever work takes me and experience all the great things there are to experience and earn a good living. Why does nobody even seem to care? Half the time I wonder why I even bust my ass as hard as I do.


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  • You are 15, lighten up a little. You sound like someone's grandpa.

    • Halfway between 20 and 30? Look at my freakin age man.

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    • The best thing I've ever done is moving away from the area I was familiar with. But it's not just about getting out, it's about getting to an area that aligns with what is best for you. It's about way more than just having girls around. The right place, right job can do a lot for more than your bank account.

    • Here's a question for you though. How do I know what area is best for me, relative to the other? It's a little deeper than just being all, "oh, this is a nice area lol."

      And yeah, x, y, and z all sound great about new, said area, but how do I really know it's the right place for me?