How long should the talking stage be? and how to tell if its going good or not?

How long should the talking stage last or be with someone? Could it take awhile for someone who has been hurt in the past to fully truat you before anything serious? How do you know that it may be worth it or not to continue.


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  • If the person you're talking to matters to you enough, then you will continue talking to them. You'll either end up with a strong friendship, or a relationship. And yes, it can take a very long time for someone who's been hurt to trust again. If you feel like its worth it, then just keep going with it. If not, that's okay and don't let anyone tell you its not. You have the right to decide that with or without anyone else's opinion. Good luck, I hope this helped!

    • Thanks it did. To me I feel like it is worth it, but to others they say give up due to his nature and him overall. He is a really great guy and first initiated flirting with me like a lot. Sent me flowers, said things like ill be his girlfriend one day etc. I went to visit him. he lives in another state so it will be hard. He treated me amazing like his girlfriend the whole week but not ready for anything as i said his past. My freind however who lives with him now says that he's not worth it. He is into the f-buddy thing. Yes i know he has sex with other people and what not and has a f-buddy. We live in 2 diff states so its hard. We talk everyday or just about and even until we both go to sleep or he's busy, or doing something where we dont. I think talking to someone everyday is a good sign but thats just me. Not really sure whats all going on, but i like him and something tells me to keep pursuing maybe one day we can be official.

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    • 2nd day of August was the last day I saw him. Like i said we talk everyday through texts and such. It's been awhile but we send pics and stuff to. Trying to make time to go visit but he said he has a lot of traveling to do in the next few months. he's a realtor and always working , even when I was there. Hoping when he comes home for Thanksgiving i can see him. His parents live in the same state as I do. To me if someone likes you they would keep talking to you and if someone didn't like you or want to talk then they wouldn't answer. That's just me

    • Okay, since it's only been a few months, I would wait until the next time you see him and gently confront him again. I agree, he probably does like you. I also think think that you need to make sure that your relationship is going to go somewhere.