Why do guys stereotype because of my boobs being big?

i have 36-38 DD's and i am a really nice good person always playing sports, getting great grades, funny etc but just by the look of me even when im all covered up they assume the worst of me because i have big boobs and when i say something smart or something "not even the president can say or know" (said one guy) im always being looked at crazy and sometimes i catch them whspering sh! t about me and it is the same thing everyday and they even start to ask me stupid questions and when i say something smart and nerdy they stare at my chest and then back at me with a shocked look and say that im too smart to have naturally big boobs and its soooo annoying
is this what every guy in the world does because its just bulls!!! t


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  • No, not every guy in the world, it sounds like you hand with some morons. I am a guy, of course I find myself staring, but when I realize it I look at something else and I would never make comments like that. The guys you're around have no respect for you

  • "not even the president can say or know"- what the fuck does that even mean?

    also, they're high school guys. that's like asking why puppies sniff their own butts.


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