How do I handle me and my boyfriends first fight... Am I a bad person?

My boyfriend and I just got into our first fight... His bestfriend has liked me for the longest time but we are just friends... So his bestfriend told me that my boyfriend wasn't being all cute with me (like sending me cute text or all about me all the time) because I was giving him head too often witch made him feel like he was way more dominate and didn't have to be cute to make sure I stayed because all he wants is my body... So I sent my boyfriend a very mean detailed message and he called me after reading it.. He was angry... He started saying "I don't fucking give a fuck if you suck my dick or not! Do you not fucking get that I'm in love with you?" Then he freaked out asking me who put this in my head because I was fine just a little bit ago... And he kept asking and got more agresive with his tone of voice and I finally gave in because the only things I could manage to spit out where "I'm so sorry we are fighting" and "I don't know I'm so sorry." I've never been this calm in a fight... Or that scared to lose someone... Then he called his friend and now I'm sure his friend hates my guts... I feel like the worst person in the world... Am I?


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  • Well yeah. You are not supposed to let others get in between you and your partner.

    Apologize to him through action.

    Make dinner, or something.

    by the way, how does the friend know you give him heads or whatever?😱


    • The best friend was both of our friend... I tell him everything and he tells me and my boyfriend everything so it's like we are all friends..

    • I don't know, I feel like things like those are two personal. ✌

    • Too*

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