He still likes me but he has a girl. What do I do?

Ok so me and this guy use to talk for a while and I was really feelin him and he we really feeling me but then I ended up friend zoning him because I started to over think things.. I really wanted to tell him how I felt but he has a girlfriend now and I really miss him so I texted him and told him how I felt and I didn't really wanna say to much via text so I told him to wait till I seen him and he was sad because I didn't tell him right then & there and when I told him in person he gave me a hug and said we're good but was still asking questions. He still likes me I know this but im afraid I can't get him back because of my mistake and I regret even over thinking things. I dont want to break him & his girl up because im not like that but I dont wanna wait forever...😕 I can't get him out my head & it kills me bc i see him everyday and just looking at him constantly reminds me of how that could have been me instead of her. He really liked me & I really fucked up my best opportunity 😪 What do I do now? Its not really easy to move on rn


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  • Tell him when he's tired of his girl and is ready for a woman you're waiting


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